Visibility to our key data is sorely needed
— Jill, Deputy CEO

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Case study: Health Provider


With many different systems for data and an internal resource bandwidth constraint from integration and reporting project, senior leaders were unable to access key metrics in real-time.


Generative Solutions were asked to support senior managers in developing reports for senior leaders, with a focus on supporting both delivery of real impact and feedback on financial sustainability.


A single day session identified a number of questions that senior leaders needed real-time answers to as well the systems with the data required to answer these questions. By the end of the first day we had exports from 10 different business systems in Excel format.

We then went through the following cycle several times:

  1. Clean 
    get the data into a suitable format for reporting
  2. Analyse 
    analyse the data for patterns and insights
  3. Story 
    based on the questions asked and insights from the data, stories emerged that could be told in reports
  4. Reports 
    produce the reports and dashboards – we used Power BI in this case
  5. Feedback 
    as soon as reports were viewed they immediately provoked the response, “If we can do this, can we do that” which takes us back to steps 1. or 4.


The reports provided a clear way for leaders across the organisation to analyse the data, gain insights and ultimately, drive action.

“What Generative Solutions helped us achieve in such a short period was something we hadn’t experienced before – we are expecting to engage them further in helping us do Business Intelligence better.”
Jill, Deputy CEO

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